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Closer ToGetHer

for long distance loving

Closer ToGetHer

for long distance loving


go ahead, get a little frisky

Closer ToGetHer lets you “touch” your partner, even if you’re half a world away.

Control the vibration of your partner's phone or OhMiBod vibrator remotely...with your iPhone or Android.

Closer ToGetHer - iPhone & Android App to Remotely Vibrate OhMiBod

receive vibes

Want to feel your partner's touch? Hit Receive Vibes and tell your partner your secret "vibe password."

Now your partner can vibrate your phone with his/her's.

Don't want to put your phone down there, or want a little more intensity? Plug in an OhMiBod vibrator and go to town together, even if you're apart ;)

send vibes

Want to touch your partner? Maybe tease her a little? Hit Send Vibes and enter the secret password she gives you.

Now you can control her vibrations with the intensity slider, or by stroking the Vibe Spot.

vibe solo

Sometimes it's nice to have a little me time. Go for it, in Solo Mode you're in complete control of your phone's or your OhMiBod's vibration.


"Seriously, folks, the Closer ToGetHer app is pretty much the coolest thing ever."

★★★★★ - BetweenMySheets.com

"Tons of fun for me and my partner."

★★★★★ - iTunes review

"Works perfectly with OhMiBod personal massage devices."

★★★★★ - Android review

iPhone and android

Available for iPhone and Android.